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ECS - Engineered Control Systems, City Of Industry, CA
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                                                     Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

Here you will find a list of frequently asked questions. If your questions or concerns require immediate assistance please call (800) 634-3915 for our 24 HR Central Station.

  Do you do you provide 24 HR Service and Repairs for Business and Residential locations?

      •Yes. Call (800) 634 3915 to speak with a live operator, CAD Auto Drafting Services hours varies.

   What are your normal service and installation hours?

      • Monday-Sunday 6am – 6pm. 
      • 24-7 After hour emergency service always available.
      • Unforeseen circumstances such as weather could cause delivery delays.

   How do I schedule or reschedule a technician to visit my location?

     • Call (800) 634-3915 or any number listed below.

   Can I reach live person after hours?

     • Yes. Just call (800) 634-3915.

    Do you provide patrol services?

     • Yes. Our Sister Company that provides our Guard Service is Southwest Patrol.

   I bought a new DIY camera kit from a big box retailer. How much do you charge to install?

     • 4 Cameras $350      • 8 Cameras $650       • 16 Cameras $1250

   What forms of payment do you accept?

    • We offer various payment methods depending on your location (including cash, check, money order, and PayPal),  we start your project as soon as we receive the agreed payment. Payment methods other than credit cards take more time to verify, which could delay your install. Please note that  checks and money orders must be drawn on US funds. Checks in excess of $250 must be held for  seven business days.

    • Provide a valid email address so that we can email you regarding your Installation.

  What type of warranty do you offer?

    • Rest assured, our Lifetime Warranty is included on all our Labor. Normal wear and tear.
    • All parts and equipment come with either 1,2 or 3 year warranty coverage. 
    • Questions?  Please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help!

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